Walking you through your first Plom test

On these pages we will walk you through running a simple piece of assessment using Plom. You will need to know the basic plom components and have a rough understanding of the plom workflow. You also need to have installed Plom.

The scenario

We will assume that you need to give a short 3-question test in two small sections of a course. Since there are two sections and the rooms are quite crowded, you will give 2 versions of the test. We will explain how Plom can interleave different versions of the test to actually create $2^3 = 8$ different tests.

Creating your test(s)

Initializing the server

Running the server

Creating a test spec

Uploading a classlist

Building PDFs

Scanning and uploading

Getting your markers up and running

Managing the process

After marking — spreadsheets, reassembly, and return

Archiving and cleaning up

Table of contents